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V panels and Boards

The building of drywall can be completed more quickly and affordably with Vnext Panel. All the benefits of a stone wall are included in Vnext Panel, plus a few more. The Vnext Panel is an easy-to-install product that outperforms traditional drywall and other wall-building alternatives.

The goods from Vnext can be used for a variety of things because to their adaptability. Partitions are one such application. The partitions from Vnext are a significantly superior choice than plywood ones in terms of quality and longevity.

Your savings multiply when you use Vnext’s partitions to build!
  • Save 35% space on wall area against brick-walls
  • Save 4% on overall carpet area
  • Save on the cost of water curing
  • Save on weight.-Vnext Partitions are 10 times lighter than brick walls
  • Save on structural steel
  • Save when you reconstruct-Vnext Partitions can be reused.
  • Save on labour
  • Save on cost of painting
  • Save on plastering-no plastering required